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Looks make a difference.

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Went to the gun show yesterday and bought some stocks for my old S&W model 19-4. I think it put some new life in the old girl. Here's a before and after shot. What do you think?
Before Shot.

After Shot.
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I like them! Who makes em?
I'd like to report a hi-jacked thread---that 21-4 just made me clean overlook any M19 with new grips!!!!
Hi Gunman. They are Hogue hardwood stocks. They cost $60.00 tax and all at the gun show.I thought that was fair as very few Hogue stocks sell for that price. That's a old LEO's gun and been used very little. It is one fine shooting gun I can tell you that for a fact. You don't think it might have been used by Sheepdog do you? Nah!!
I thought they looked like Hogues, but I seen the screw in the side and I thought all the Hogues had the screw under the grip.
Baldy, those stocks sure improved the looks of that model 19. the old ones were pretty bulky. I had a 19 that I had to sell about 25 years ago due to hard times. Weren't they called the Hiway patrol or something like that? Nice looking .44 spec. there also, like to have one of those.
Yep you caught it Gunman as these are the last of this model stocks. I think Midway still has some. That's what I was told.
Yes White Dog they were called the Highway Patrol model. This is the frist Smith I have ever owned that will shoot with my Python. I have had about a dozen or more over the years. Now that .44spl M21-4 is a sure shooting gun. I am having a ball with it. This is the frist .44 I have ever owned. 2400 is going to give me some good loads for it.
Beautiful grips - got some really pretty color and grain in them. Got to tell you though, I like the shape of the ones on the 21 better.
Yeah Baldy, rman iis right about the grips and I also think that m-21 is a real nice looker. The grips do stand out, kinda looks like a semi-birdshead.
Those are some pretty grips.
Pimpin' ain't easy.
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