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Hello all Ruger lovers and owners out there. I have a M77 .30-06, first gen with the tang safety, with an ejector problem. Every time I withdraw the bolt after firing a round, (both hand loads and factory ammo), it comes back about 1/3 of the way and gets hard to pull. While this is happening, the ejector pin seems to be pushing the brass very hard right against the space in front of the ejector port and gouges every piece of brass that is ejected on the reasonably sharp point on the metal. I have narrowed the problem down to the ejector pin, as that is what is actually pushing the brass to the right. Does anyone know of/has had this problem, that may be able to give me some clues as to how to fix this problem? This is the same rifle that I have hunted deer and elk with since It was given to me on my 14th birthday and I want it to work as it should, without ruining brass, so I may reload another day. Thanks!
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