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My boy got a new Mark III standard yesterday. His first pistol. :)

Went to disassemble and clean it before going to the range, and everything went well. We followed along with the videoing Ruger's website too. It did take quite a whack with a rubber hammer to get the barrel/receiver assembly off the grip frame, and back on again, but I think we got it done.

Only question is... The boy and I don't recall the bolt protruding from the back of the receiver at all, nor do we recall any visible gap (about 1/16" or less) in front of the bolt "ears". Pictures uploaded. Is the bolt supposed to be totally flush in the back? We can't remember. :confused:


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FCKiller ... The offset is normal & the bolt appears in proper alignment from what I can see in the pictures. If the function check is OK you are good to go. Congrats to your son on the new MKIII :D
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