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Medina, Ohio gun show..............

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this coming weekend at the Fairgrounds. NOW it's a NEW year, so this weekend it is Jan 20-21

Hope to see some of you Ohio guys over there, stop by and say hello, me and Bill , the Apple-man, will be set up , straight ahead , when you walk in the door............;)
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Good luck guys!

I would give some serious consideration to being there if I didn’t have to teach a Sunday School class this Sunday.
I will be there when the doors open Saturday. Are you going to be on the end of a row by where they check in the firearms?
No, we moved back to our old spot from many years ago, down the center aisle (straight ahead when you walk in the door) on the right side of theat row, about 4 tables down on the right.

When you walk in the door, stop and close your eyes. listen and you will hear me........:D
OK, I'll look for you Saturday.
Reposted the 'new date. this coming weekend first of the New Year,have a safe trip and hope to see some of you there........
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