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So I'm done with my last metal project and need a new one. So some sort of flip/pivot targets are in order, I think.

No special design, but my big question is how thick do you think I will need for the contact surface? Max power I will ever do is probably .308, when I get one in a year or so. But based off a random google search, 0.375" steel seems to fit the bill. I couldn't expect more than 0.5" ever being needed. Never shot steel targets before so I am kind of clueless here.

So anyone shot steel with .308, what thickness was it?

Thanks, Kyle.

PS I suppose the hardness and grade are important too, but I'll be using whatever is cheap. Probably hot rolled mild 0.2% carbon or whatever it is. Weldable stuff. If I get really bored I might try some plates out in torch-heating and quick quench in water or old motor oil to see if I get a noticeable harness gain (.223 test there, lol). (motor oil has a lot of carbon in it and it will absorb in the surface off the steel giving it a hard outer layer, with enough time of exposure, which is have no clue what that is)
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