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for months, if not longer, I've contemplated the idea of changing the stock on my mostly original SR556E, but didn't want to toss on another same ol same ol style rifle stock. ive been looking at the Mission First Tactical Minimalist stocks online and liked the way they look on rifles with long handguards. today i had some down time at work so i decided to visit a local shop just to "look" and couldn't pass up the $35 price, so i picked one up and slapped it on my rifle and instantly fell in love with it all over again. i love the look and feel of this stock. i have the Magpul CTR on another rifle and it locks up solid with no wiggle. this MFT stock does not have a way to lock down onto the buffer tube but still fits good and snug. the rubber end plate matches the gumminess of the Ergo grip i installed over a year ago. i'm very satisfied with my purchase and even more so given the price i paid. i will post back after a range trip to report its performance.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts