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MI deer season...

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opened the 15th, im using a taurus model 44 6.5 inch ported barrel 250 grain swc gc bullet moving around 1250 fps i dont remember how much power pistol i used to get that speed.

but i was on my way back out the basement to wander the woods again, took a few steps and there was my deer lol.

looked at each other, aimed for the heart lungs, managed to pull the shot put it though the tops of the shoulders and though the spine.

flopped right over, finnised it off with 9mm ball from the xdsc i carry.

skinned it out now im going to eat some tenderloin for dinner.

edit: this is actually the first deer i have flat out shot, normaly i just clean up after my neighbors dirty hunting habbits. so i was a bit excited lol.
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I guess--I'd be excited, too-nothing like home delivery!!! Happy for you!
Good deal there Creepyrat lived in southern Michigan for awhile. The deer would come up to the porch and look in the windows. Come hunting season you would have to go out in the deep woods to find them. Good luck for the rest of the season.
thanks, i live a bit farther north normaly im pretty far into the woods, its been pretty quiet this year and they are not spooked yet i guess.
That's great - sounds like you made a good shot! (You're supposed to tell people you were aiming for the spine.) I have just got to go deer hunting at least one more time so I can get one with a handgun. I've got one with about everything else that's legal.
lol, i have gone out allot but i decided to stalk from now on so i just use my 44 and bandido holster from pistol packaging, lots of swamp and field edge to stalk over here.
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