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It is a 180 series, there is no chance they are going to fix it for me. I will have to fix it myself. I was hoping maybe someone had seen it before and knew the fix. I will pull the barrel if I have to, to straighten or whatever. As soon as I find the problem and cure I will post it.
The only gun I've had that shot that poorly was a Survival Arms AR-7. The barrel was bent in 2 directions. It had a long, sweeping bend to the right and a sharp, upward bend at the back of the front sight.

This barrel is aluminum with a steel, rifled liner. I located an all steel replacement barrel, but figured I had "nothing to lose" by trying to straighten it myself first. I read that gun makers routinely straighten barrels by looking down the bore and applying hydrolic presses. I don't have such a press, but figured aluminum should be soft enough to not require one. I used wood blocks and a hammer. It took about 2 hours of gentle persuading and reinspecting the bore, but I managed to get it straight as a new arrow. Probably more accurate now than when it left the factory.

My advice is to lock your bolt back and insert a piece of (matte) white cardboard in front of the bolt, perpendicular to the bore. Shine a bright light on the cardboard close to the ejection port, and look down the muzzle. Your eye will pick up a bend if there is one.

I don't know how you would best straighten it if it is bent. Replacing it might be the better solution. Here's a barrel:

I would definitely want a $$ back guarantee if the barrel isn't straight and with clean rifling.

Good luck and let us know what you find.
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