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Southport, CT – April 12, 2007 – Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR), is proud to introduce the
New Mini-14® Target Rifle with a Hogue® OverMolded™ stock. This stock features a cobblestone texture that aids
grip and control of the rifle in adverse environmental conditions.
“The Mini-14 Target Rifle has certainly redefined the performance of the Ruger Ranch Rifle by winning two
Industry Masters events back to back,” said Sturm, Ruger President, Stephen L. Sanetti. “While Ruger Ranch Rifles
have always been regarded as rugged and reliable, they haven’t always been seen as tack drivers. Today’s Ranch
Rifles, especially the New Mini-14 Target Rifle, are rapidly changing minds.”
The Mini-14 Target Rifle features a distinctive heavyweight, hammer forged stainless steel target barrel with a
recessed target crown and an adjustable harmonic dampener. Shooters can “tune” the rifle to obtain the best accuracy
for their choice of ammunition by adjusting the dampener position on the barrel. One-inch groups at 100 yards can be
regularly obtained with suitable ammunition for the individual rifle.
Hogue OverMolded stocks provide the ultimate in a comfortable, non-slip, super smooth attractive finish that is
durable and extremely quiet. The exclusive cobblestone texture further enhances the stock by providing an efficient
non-slip stippling pattern.
Hogue OverMolded Stocks are constructed by molding a super strong, rigid fiberglass reinforced skeleton or
"insert" that precisely fits the gun’s action. This rigid skeleton is then “OverMolded” with a durable, but soft, synthetic
elastomer. The super strong skeleton gives the stock its strength and the state-of-the-art elastomer material will not
harden with age. They are virtually impervious to all oils and solvents found around firearms, providing years of
dependable service.
The Mini-14 Target Rifle comes from the factory set up for scope use. Patented Ruger scope bases are
machined directly into the receiver and can never shoot loose, and a set of stainless steel Ruger scope rings, a $80.00
value, is included free with each rifle. A patented recoil buffer protects the scope reticle from damage due to rapidly
moving parts when firing this autoloading target rifle, and its side-ejected cartridge cases easily clear the lowestmounted
The New Mini-14 Target Rifle features a matte finish stainless steel receiver and barrel to help prevent harsh
glare from disturbing the shooter’s aim. It comes with a 5- round magazine, a California-compliant padlock, and a
comprehensive instruction manual. It is chambered for the .223 Remington cartridge, a favorite for practical shooting
competition and accurate shooting.
For more information on the New Ruger Mini-14 Target rifles featuring Hogue OverMolded stocks and the
extensive line of Ruger products and services, visit
Sturm, Ruger is a leading American manufacturer of high-quality firearms for recreation and law enforcement,
and a major producer of precision steel investment castings. Sturm, Ruger is headquartered in Southport, CT, with
plants and foundries located in Newport, NH and Prescott, AZ.
Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.
Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens®

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Can't wait until they are out. Gotta see a photo of one. I really do not care for the gray laminated Target Mini with the big hole in the stock. Looks too radical for my taste. Hogue Overmoulded stock must be different than the regular black synthetic stock for a Ranch Rifle. Anyone seen a photo anywhere?

My favorite stock is the "rubber" feeling stock for the PC9 and PC4. Wish Ruger would put that type of stock on Ranch Rifles. No more PCs...not good.

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Thanks much gunman42782...I previously checked the Ruger website and also a couple of my distributors, who had "photo unavailable." I placed two SP101s with Crimson Trace lasers on backorder a couple of days ago. I had not seen a photo of the SP-CTL either. I think they will be a great seller.

I will place one Hogue overmoulded Mini-14 Target on backorder with two different distributors and hope I get one. If I get two that would be just fine. I wrote down the website you gave me for future new Rugers to see. A big thank you again.
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