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Tried out my new Mini-30 (ser # 58xxxx) over the weekend using factory 10 round magazines and Geco brass case ammo.

I have five Ruger 10 round factory mags (all new). Loaded each one full (10 rounds).

Shot the gun and frequently experienced the magazine self releasing from the mag release lever after just a few shots. It happened over and over with at least four of the five mags. Shot fifty rounds total. Probably had about 10 magazine self releases. Every time this occurred, the bolt would fly forward properly, but miss stripping a round off the follower since the mag was sagging out of the receiver.

I had installed a Matrix Precision aftermarket extended mag release lever before firing the rifle.

Plan to swap back to the original (short) mag release lever and shoot again perhaps in a week.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Righteous Dude
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Sounds like the modification is working against you. I have never experienced that with my Minis... One of my M30s even had an aftermarket (I forget which now) and it was fine.

Switch it back and see what happens. If it's the aftermarket part, I would call the company and get things straightened out.

Good luck! 馃槉

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As long as the tab on the back of the mags isn't rounded, I would say the release is the problem.
The mag release, like the factory recoil spring and hammer spring, is something many guys seem to want to change, but those parts as they come from the factory as fine as they are.

I thought I "needed" an aftermarket mag release about 7 years ago. It was an ASI extended release. It was so long, that it was hitting the back of the mag before it would release the mag. I kept trimming the length, and by the time it was letting the mag go reliably, it was about the same length as a factory release.

Geco is nice ammo, beautiful annealed brass case for reloading, decent accuracy and low cost. Geco, and Fiocchi though, are underloaded. Last summer I cut down my stainless M-30 (Sasha) to a 16 1/4" barrel. When I took it out to the range, my handloads with Hornady SST bullets and PPU factory loads were barely cycling the gun, brass was falling down at my feet.
I had forgotten to put in a larger gas bushing to compensate for the shortened barrel. I can get by using a .060 bushing in a longer barrel, but a "Tactical" length Mini needs an .080" or a full .100".
The Geco would not cycle the action at all, which led me to believe the velocity is lacking.
I didn't have my chrono handy then, but have clocked Fiocchi at 2000 fps., a full 400-500 less than most other loads.

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Completed the swap back to the Ruger factory mag release lever.

Shot 50 rounds of brass Geco and 40 rounds of brass Fiocchi last night using all five of my Ruger 10 round factory Mags fully loaded on each try.

The self release problem is now GONE.

All is well. Love the Mini-30!
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