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A Mark III hammer will work in a Mark I, but use it with the a Mark III sear, not a Mark I sear, and the original Mark I bushing. I've done it. Don't mix the old with the new when it comes to hammer and sear, though, on a Mark I. Use a Mark II/III sear with a Mark II/III hammer. Change both, not just one.

You can order a Mark II hammer and sear from VQ, but that will still be quite a light pulling trigger. If you want something heavier (and grittier) you will get heavier with Ruger OEM Mark II hammer and sear. Lots of those around from folks that have done VQ kits on their Mark IIs and IIIs. If that is too heavy, you can lighten and smooth quite a bit with some judicious stoning.

I'd try the new hammer and sear, first, before tackling the trigger. On a Mark I, the trigger can be a bugger to get out due to Mark I having a snap ring on the pin that holds the trigger. Of course, that may have been modified when someone put in the Clark.
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