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hey folks... happy Ruger Day (10/22)... as all of you know, this is the 70th year for Ruger this year... went with my 82-yr-old next-door neighbor Bob to the range... i have a 10/22, but he doesn't so we took my MkIII and his MkIV 22/45... part of the reason was a magazine function check for both pistols...

the back story: i have at least 10 MKIII mags but he only received two w/his MKIV 22/45... so he ordered four extra magazines from Natchez... unfortunately, Natchez sent four MKII 22/45 mags which do not work in his pistol for two reasons:

- no notch in mag body
- oversized butt plate

so.... i took two of my MKIII mags (which have a notch), removed the butt plates and put them on two of his bad mags, then took his two bad 22/45 mag butt plates and put them my two MKIII mags and filed the rear of the plates (which are plastic) to allow full insertion and locking in his MKIV 22/45...

the result: the modified 22/45 mags worked just fine for him and his no-notch 22/45 mag bodies worked fine for me!

so apparently you can use a no-notch MKII mag body in a MKIII with the appropriate butt plate...

anyway, Happy Ruger Day!

p.s. i also let Bob run a couple mags through my suppressor - the smell of spearmint was nice at the range...

on the Gulf of Mexico
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