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Yep, you read it correctly. I bought a government Target about 6 months ago and when I got home and looked it over, I wanted to kick myself in the a&@!
I thought I had bought a mkii government target barrel on a
Mkiii frame. My first thought was how much of a dumb a$$ I am for not noticing.
Being ashamed, I put it in the safe with the others and have been referring to it as “the bastard”. Well, on Saturday I as showing some of my new Rugers to a friend and showed him the bastard. He noticed right away that the mag catch is a 1911 catch. And the mkII catch has been ground down on the bottom.
Th work is very good and it functions (with mkiii mags) perfectly!
Has anyone seen this? I called Clark custom (seemed like it would be in thier wheelhouse), but they were stumped too. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you
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