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Ever since I installed the VQ trigger accurizing kit in my MKIII I regretted using the new large bolt release - it just looked too big and out of place. I should have paid attention to others who just used the stock release.

Then I picked up a holster for use with an optics rail and optics since I wanted to be able to attach a RDS from time to time. Anyway, to make a long story short, I tore the pistol down this (rainy) afternoon and put the original bolt release back in. It now fits nicely in the holster.

After banging on the receiver to get it off and then back on, I was curious to see it both the iron sights and the RDS would still be "on" after all of un-installing and re-installing. They were both spot on before.

I fired 10 rounds with the iron sights and actually did better than usual at 25 yds - except for the 2 holes that are low and to the right. I then reattached the RDS - a Bushnell TRS25, and fired 10 more and they grouped pretty well. It was still in alignment.

The blue colored pasters are the iron sights and the green ones are with the red dot sight.

Off hand standing - 2 hand hold @ 25 yds. My range by the house. Left over target from Summer Contest.

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