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I inherited the above rifle, .308 caliber with a Weaver V9-A scope mounted. The scope is a Pre-1984 model w/ 1" rings. The scope recently fell apart, so considering purchasing a replacement. All new Weavers are 33mm tubes, so need new rings to fit the M-77 mounts. So far have not been able to find them..any suggestions?

Feb 3, 2016
OK, I assume there are no 33mm rings to fit this next question: Does anyone make a picatinny rail to fit this rifle? This model has front and rear Ruger mounts, the rear being lower than the front. So the rail would need to fit that configuration. Am I wasting my time? Is there anyone out there that can answer that question?

I'm an idiot...change the 33mm to 30mm; and also Weaver makes a 1" tube scope. I do want the option to install a 30mm scope, hence the need for 30mm rings. I have been referred to Brownells but the rings they offer has no mention of the rings with different heights. I would just like someone to tell me I will not find those rings, or possibly tell me someone does make them..
Thanks very much.
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