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Is anyone here close to Billings Montana? The reason I ask is I just found out, my sister inlaw is getting married there this summer and I will be down there for about a week. I know its a long ways away, but I was hoping that maybe a friend from the "Ruger Forum" might be close by and might want to get together for a lunch and a drink maybe or what ever? So I thought I would see if anyone here is close by? It was suppose to be in Alaska, but they kinda changed their plans. I kinda wish it was (no offense to anyone) I just would like to go there sometime. Remeber Im a Canadian I have been to the states a few times in the past and all around Canada, just not Alaska.
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Come on down here to the swamp Azor for a little R&R and we will go shooting.
It wouldn't be too much out of your way to stop by Kansas for a spell, Aszor!:D Just kiddin! Have a great time in Montana. But if you ever get the chance to come this far south, you are always welcome here.
Yeah Azor - if you're going to stop by and see Kansas45, I'm only about 2 hours or so away from him. Come to think of it, why don't you talk them into having it in Kansas. We'd be glad to have ya.
They could have it at Branson, Mo. and a great place for a Honeymoon.
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