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Our vacation that year was interesting. Some new experiences and something to fix at every stop!

First stop: My sister's place on Big Cormorant Lake in Minnesota. Out on the boat, sat down on a seat, and fell to the deck. The plywood on the bottom side had rotted out. (My bro-in-law had put the boat in the water the year before and went up to the Marina. Someone mentioned that a boat was sinking, owner probably forgot to put the drain plug back in. He turned around and started to say something smart-assed about forgetful owners, but instead said, "HEY! That's MY boat!")
So, back to the broken seat. He had some plywood in his shop and a few tools. I made a new seat bottom and it was good.

That was the year I finally got the nerve to try their personal watercrafts. I had been reluctant because I cannot swim. I had to try them after seeing someone on one in the (rather rough) water. Looking around, the only person missing was my wife, who also can't swim and is nervous out on the water. It was HER on the Bombardier!! So, I had to try it (male ego, ya know!) WHAT A RUSH!! I was running that thing like an MX bike on those rough waves!! Mine didn't have a speedometer. I was running flat out, bouncing over the waves, when my bro-in-law came up beside on his that does have a speedometer. We got back and I asked how fast we were going. 50 MPH!! Cool!!

Okay, next stop, Annendale, MN. A good friend whom I met on the internet. He had flown down earlier that year for Red Lobster (long back story). I had never flown, so he took us up in a Cessna 172. About 15 minutes into the flight, he said, "Take her, Hick!" and handed the controls over to me! COOL! First time in a plane, and I got a little over an hour stick time! Flew around Minneaopols, only other aircraft was a 747 at 12:30 high. Couple hours later, driving in rush hour traffic on the highway we had flown over, I told Shari I liked the traffic in the sky better!!! The good thing was we were going into the city, so we had fairly clear lanes compared to those going home!

On to the next stop, Rochester, MN. Now for the gun story. We got to talking guns, I mentioned I had worked on quite a few. He asked if I ever worked on a Ruger 10/22. No, what's up? He had taken it apart many years ago and did not know how to put it back together. Well, I had never had a 10/22 in my hands, let alone apart, but what the heck, bring it out!
So out comes the frame, stock, and a couple baggies of parts. Laid it out. Oh my! Not sure about this. Do you have the owner's manual? Nope.
He mentions he has another 10/22; could we take it apart to see how all those pieces fit? SURE! Good idea!

He goes to get it, comes back. Has a trigger lock on it, a leftover from when the girls were home (they have been gone several years!). Spends the next 1/2 hour looking for the key (they had recently moved).
While he was looking, I was playing around. And suddenly got the AHA! moment, and the parts fell into place. Cycled the gun, seemed to be fully functional. They were on the outskirts of town with a large meadow behind them, but he didn't want to chance live-firing.

While we were looking out there, we saw a flock of turkeys about 150 yards away. I turned to my wife and told her to call them in. She does a mean gobble with just her voice and has had tame toms go berserk thinking another was moving in on his flock. So she let loose with her gobble, and in they came!! My friend just looked at her and shook his head. Told him we could have fresh turkey for supper, but he was rather reluctant. Something about shooting in city limits and not in season. Details . . . :rolleyes:

Next stop was Houston, MN, where I fixed my sister-in-law's computer; a niece had used it and got some weird crap on it. At breakfast she was making eggs, and cracked THREE double-yoked eggs in a row into the skillet. Since then, at our motorcycle rally, we got 6 in a row!

On the way back home, another friend who was the Pilot of the Ameristar Casino boat at Council Bluff, IA told us to stop by and I could pilot it!! WOW!!!!! :eek: COOL!!!!
But we got there on a Saturday, when they are tied up to the dock. :( But we got the $20 tour, even to the engine & electrical rooms. The boat didn't need any fixing, or so he said . . . ;)
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