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Mt. Rushmore

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Wife and I went to Mount Rushmore today. I am too cheap to pay to get into the park, so the frontal shot aint too good cause it is so far away, but the profile of George Washington aint too bad. The deer are at a National Guard base in Gurnsey, WY. Just thought you guys might enjoy these. The Black Hills of South Dakota are just beautiful, one of the best looking places I have ever been.
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That may be as close as I get to there-thanks for bringing it to us.
Tim, Mount Rushmore has sure changed alot. First time I was there, there was a graveled parking lot. Wasn't no parking ramp type structure.

Should kick yourself in the butt, Tim! Mt Rushmore is a national shrine and worth the cost to get in and see up close. Don't forget to go and see the Crazy Horse Monument. Its still in progress, but you can see it taking shape.

Beautiful scenery out there. Have always liked the Black Hills and most all of Wyoming. Didn't care for the Red Desert part of state. But have many memories of places we went to see when we visited relatives and my Dad's best boyhood friend. They took us to places that most people (unless local) don't know about because they're off the paved road.

Am thinking of a trip out there this next summer. Want to go out there and just take my time no worries, no pressure.

Thanks for sharing your pics with us! :)
My Son works for a Company that fly's him to a lot of places to do work. He was in S.D. a couple of months ago and went to Mount Rushmore and took pictures and showed them when he to home. He did like you and took them from outside the closure. He said it was a fasinating place. Thanks for the picture.
Don't know what the elevation is but that sky is breath-taking-amazing what you see when you get away from city smog. I'll bet at night it's eye-popping.
We went there in 2000, I think it was.

Simple adjectives like gorgeous and breathtaking don’t do it justice. A memory you’ll take with you the rest of your life!

We made the mistake of going the second week of August and had to share facilities with 150,000 bikers. It was still a good time anyway you look at it.

I gotta tell this story!

We went with my older brother & his wife and my older sister & her husband, all considerably older than my wife and I. We had been out sightseeing and were trying to get back on the highway to go back to our campground, and had gotten to the interchange at the highway where I turned onto the entrance ramp. Lo and behold, right there at the corner of the ramp were some girls “flashing” everyone that went by!

I turned around to see if my passengers had seen the flashers and I didn’t even have to ask. My brother-in-law’s teeth had fallen out!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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