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My most recent addition

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Here's a heavy frame Vaquero 45 Colt/45 ACP convertible that I bought new a few months ago from a dealer that was going out of business. The gun was made in 2002 and is a Davidson's Special Edition. Being a retired gunsmith, I just had to do some enhancements. For openers, I reamed the cylinder throats to .4525" and chamfered the forcing cone to 11 degrees. I modified the pawl for free spin, did a trigger job, adjusted the cylinder for perfect alignment, and made an extended hammer plunger to prevent a cylinder turn line. It's a great shooter but now I need to do something with that shiny front sight.

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As I stated on another thread here, my brother just bought a 7 1/2" polished SS Vaquero in .45 Colt. We were out shooting it several weekends ago and it's a real shooter. Well balanced, handles nicely, and best of all the good quality of the Ruger bore/rifling/forcing cone keeps the lead buildup way down. The barrel hardly had any evidence of leading after firing 150 lead rounds through it.

I'd sure love to get one for myself but I all ready have that caliber in another brand and currently I am looking for a used (or new if I Could find one) Taurus Tracker SS 4" barrel 5 shot .45 Colt double action revolver. If I can't find that one then next is a Ruger SP101 .357 2 or 3" barrel. So the Vaquero has to get in line after the other two before I can even think about getting one.
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