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My only complaint....

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My only complaint with RUger shotguns is that I can't afford them! I would love a Gold Label.
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First shotgun was Stevens 311 12 ga.------61.50 + tax. Tells you how old I am...that was 1966. I believe that if Ruger of ALL mfgrs. would make a $3-400 double with no frills-they couldn't make enough to keep up with demand. The value is there on the doubles they make-but Joe Average can't play. A few imports have tried-the quality is poor and no nostalgia to buy a gun made in wherever----we need a GOOD AMERICAN working double-Ruger could be the one to do it...what a dream of a first gun for a kid-house defense gun-let alone cowboy shooting market...
Agree-I forgot to specify side-by-side-------I think in that style only-the buzzards seem to eat all our skeet birds down need for O/U---and am I gonna catch it for that!!!!
You two don't buy any green bananas, as George Younce used to dear departed Grandad told me when he was a young man he paid for .22 shorts $.25 for two boxes--then he told me he painted all day for $.50 per day---didn't sound too cheap then! I just pray that my Grandyounguns can BUY and SHOOT guns & ammo. The '68 Gun Law put an end to my signing my Mother's name in the registry and buying 15 handguns before I graduated from high school-life was sweet'n'easy then.
Agreed and IMO it'd be us grey hairs who'd have to keep the peace in the neighborhoods-LE would be incredibly busy elsewhere and understaffed-we might see a need for old habits surfacing. The country is not used to doing without, sharing, and co-operating for the good of Neighborhood Watch a whole new dimension. Love thy neighbor or get back!!! Judging by the number of states passing "No confiscation" laws-people are waking up to just how much we can count on our government for security. Our dads and grandads would not believe they tried that.
Bingo-I'm trying to instill freedom, not rebellion, into my boys hearts...amazing how hard kids work at not making waves these days.
The ritual was for Dad to lock all 3 doors before he went to bed-with his skeleton key-then unlock them in the am...we had a key hidden outside the back door-anyone who knew us knew where it kin in La. all had keys out for friends----they didn't lock the church-I didn't know anyone with a burglar alarm---the more you think WhiteDog---the better it remembers to have been-now, to get that kind of safety and peace---40 acres and a high fence might do...might not-some change is not good.
Dad never even went out in the back yard with a gun and his boy. We lived out in the country-no problem shooting in the yard-he just didn't want to -bought me gunsets for Christmas since I was 5-BB rifle-BB pistol-never so much as 10 minutes with his .22. He had a set Rem 121 pump and 141 pump- .22 and .35 -that his dad had given him for graduation...when he died and we moved to La., I lived in the woods and shot enough to build a mountain of lead. When I was about 20, I bought an Ithica 20 double with chrome lined barrels and a glassy stock finish-with a Raybar front bead. It was gorgeous- an uncle bought it for his son's first shotgun and I saw it about 3 mo. later-covered with rust in the boy's gun rack-made me mad and sick. Ithica was a great gun-I bought a satin nickel 8-shot pump for the job-kept it two years-then turned it into groceries-now they tell me that model's only for the LE market. I wish Ithica would make doubles NOW!
Did ya even save a wing for the neighbor?
Young men often look for trouble-they think they are invincible. As we mature-we don't want trouble-but will deal with it if it comes. At my age, I recognize trouble from a long way off-and I don't fear it-if it comes to me and mine, I'll stop it or give it my best try...but I know now what things are worth dying for-and it's sure not macho pride and a cheap insult-it's a son, a grandchild, or a good's a country where we can become whatever good thing we can decide to be. What is heroic on TV is really just a whole lot of paperwork to be done---what is real---we have to teach our young men-so they might skip that macho stuff.
Tying the meaning to some good memories like you suggest will make it THEIR Second Amendment.
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