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My only complaint....

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My only complaint with RUger shotguns is that I can't afford them! I would love a Gold Label.
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In the late forties I bought a single shot 12 guage for 16.00. Back then kids could buy rifle and shotgun ammo at any hardware store. Not so any more. Forgot to mention I was by myself ( age middle teens ) when I bought the shotgun. Maybe kids were taught more responsibility back then.
Back when laws and regulations aboutarms, ammo and other things weren't even heard of, the american people were very patriotic and quick to come to the aid of their country. The doors stayed unlocked at night and chores were done without complaint. Kids respected the elders [or else ] and polititions had the good of their country in mind, not party squabling and gun control. Things have sure changed.
My Dad was pretty busy, working 6 days a week and a radio ham but on Sundays he always found time to take us boys out shooting, weather permitting. When I got a litle older He bought an Ithaca double in 20 guage, sweet little gun. Hammerless and single trigger, he let me use it all the time and encouraged me to bring him back some quail. I used that gun untill I went into the service. I had a single shot, full choke twelve that I used for waterfoul.
I come from a big family, 9 kids. Us older boys brought home a lot of groceries in the form of cottontail rabbits, pheasants, quail and whatever and we had a lot of encourgement.
Yeah Sheepdog, that Ithaca was a real good double, it was gone when I got out of the Army. I saw a few doubles at the gun show yesterday but nothing that turned me on. I remember when I was about 16 or 17 I got 3 quail with one shot with that Ithaca, threw them behind the seat and drove off. One of them came back to life and started flying around in the car. I stopped and caught it ok.
That brought back memories of my Dad shootin the neighbors chickens when they got into our garden. We had our own rabbits and chickens but we didn't let the neighbors go to waste.
No, most of them were banties, anyway the old guy encouraged my Dad to shoot them, I guess it was too much to try to keep them penned up. That garden was a lot of work for me my Dad gave me a coffee can with some used oil and I had to keep the tater bugs plucked off the vines plus the weeding which was a family project.
More people ought to teach them to fish, hunt and shoot, that goes for all of us with grandkids. Too many of our young people are growing up without the proper knowledge and the fun of using firearms in sport and recreation. I think without that some tend to with draw when firearms are mentioned and couldn't care less when the 2nd ammendment is threatened.
Hi Sheepdog, Been worried about you, everthing OK?
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