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my rugers

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my p90

and my ksrh 9, in .44 magnum.

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Viper, you have the best. That .44 Redhawk-Scope combo ought to be a good hunting gun. Do you reload? I reload the .44 along with a lot of others.
Great looking Rugers!
The Ruger P90 is one of my favorite all times pistols. To me it's right up there with a Colt 1911.
Was thinking about getting a P90, but at a gunshow I ran across another P97 and got it instead. I know the P90's are good guns, but since the 97's are no longer made, I thought it would be nice to have two to hand down to my 2 grandsons when I go to the happy hunting grounds in the sky.
That's a nice pair you got there viper. What's with the shotgun shell behind the triger on the P90?
Ah!!! Viper you got me drooling all over the place. I sure would like to have a Redhawk set up like that. Man that's a beauty. Good luck with them both.
I sure like that redhawk.
I like the choice of diverse backgrounds, well done, thanks for sharing
Great guns.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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