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My six Rugers

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Nothing special, except to me. Hope to add a P97D some day. Rarely see any for sale around here, even at the larger gunshows.

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Very nice collection. If you can find a 97, I would highly recommend it.
You really need a wheelgun or three to round out that collection!
Thanks for the complements guys. My wheel guns are S&W. Might try another Ruger wheeler someday. I think if I find the P97D my Ruger collection will be complete for a while. Hmmm, I always like to have two of anything I really use alot, so I might need 2 P97Ds.
Hey, we like pictures of Smiths too!!!
Real nice group of guns you got there Plate and by all means post any make of gun you got. We like them all. I got to get one of them .22s with a scope on it. They say fun all over them.
OK here's a couple of my favorite wheelers.

Top is a 686 with a TC 4X scope. It's very accurate with 180jhp handloads, the bottom one is a 17-2 22 rimfire made in 1965. It is the only 22 revolver I ever owned that would keep up with my Ruger MKIIs in the accuracy dept.
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Nice looking guns plate, specially like that .22. Those grips really set them off.
Sure would like to pop a cap in both those beautys. Bet that 686 could drive nails. Like them both.
Nice guns! (Even the Smiths) Thanks for the pictures.
Great guns, great pictures! Thanks for sharing.
Real nice group of guns you have there. If you find a P97. I think you'll like it. I'm kinda looking around for a slightly used, maybe owned by a little old lady and seldom shot P95.[^] I'm a Smiff & Wesson fan too. Wish my old beat up K22 looked half as good as your's although mine still shoots better than I'm capable of.
Nice six you got there, too.
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