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Hello All,

First off I'm on the wrong side of 70 but still enjoy shooting and building. My current project is a semi auto pistol that's probably best described as a Frankenpistol: the bolt is designed after the Suomi bolt with a hollow center and a 'full diameter' striking face (like the French Gevarm) and the firing mechanism (can hardly call it a FCG) is based on the modified Sterling MK4 semi auto pistol. I would like to use the TI T125 aluminum magazine BUT I cannot find anywhere the measurement for the distance between the 10/22 barrel chamber (or other barrel reference point) and the 5/16" front registration/locking pin on the Ruger type magazine. I hope the photographs upload because they tell the story far better than I can word it. I've manually 'hit' the striker and am pleased with the case indent - see the photograph. Any and all comments welcome.

Info would be very gratefully received. I live way out in the sticks and there's no gun shop for miles - and nobody in our tiny township has a Ruger 10/22 to measure.

I'll be happy to post photographs of the finished pistol if anyone is interested.

Edit: Forgot to mention I'm using the KIDD guide rod and recoil spring. Nice company to deal with.


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