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I just bought it this afternoon on a gun show, I haven't shoot it and try to learn to clean it, but I found this gun is hard to disassembly and reassembly. I follow the instruction and just did one step and can't continue. when I were on the show, I asked the dealer about this. He said I don't need to disassembly it every time after I shoot and just one year one time because .22 is pretty clean, I really like this gun, but if I can't disassembly and reassembly it by myself, maybe I have to exchange it tomorrow because I can't refund it.
I followed instruction and did these steps.
0) Pull the bolt.
1) Remove the magazine.
2) Place the safety in the " off".
3) Pull the trigger to be sure the hammer has fallen.
4) use a tool to swing the housing latch open like the blade of a pocket knife.
5) swing the entire housing outward on its pivot and pull downward, I want to
remove the mainspring housing and bolt stop pin. I used a small hammer ( with some clothes) to lightly tap the bolt stop pin, but the pin didn't move out at all and so I can't remove anything and can't continue. I am not sure how hard I can tap it without damage it. I hope if I can get step by step link to the pictures to show me.

Thank !
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