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New 10/22

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Hi all,

I picked up a new 10/22 Carbine from Walmart. I only planned to check out their selection of firearms as no Walmart near me carries any. As I was letting my girlfriend know that I was leaving, she decided to come along. Well, at the store we held a few of the .22 rifles they had. She loved the 10/22 so much she wanted to put two on Layaway. Luckly, they only had one in stock so, I got to take it home.

Also, I had her hold a Bushmaster AR15. She liked the feel of it so much, she stated she was getting it for me on my birthday. :D

Back to the 10/22, we took it to the range to and put 150 to 200 rounds through it. We only had a single fail to fire, I believe it was due to a faulty rounds as there was a dent where the firing pin struck the rim.

I have to give this little rifle a 10 out of 10. I can't wait to start to personalize it and truly make it mine.

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Always good when the lady in your life likes to shoot!
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