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Finally got my replacement LCR-22 Friday, and did the range Sunday. Late posting because of other things going on!

First it does have a new finish on the cylinder. A charcoal color instead of the original silver-gray. The old finish was called Target Grey. Another forum had a post that the new is called Ionbond Diamondblack. Where do they get these names?

It had faint ejector star markings in just the finish, not the aluminum, out of the box. They looked no worse after 350 rounds of Federal Value Pack from Wally World.

I got 2 FTFs, which fired on a second hit, so that was great. No ejection problems, so long as I held it vertical or close to it. Trigger seemed heavier than my first one, but smoother.

I could see that the lockpin bushing was flush in the aluminum, not inset like my problem gun. There was a lot less fore-and-aft play with the cylinder on the crane. I think those caused the star mark trouble the first one had.

I tried different distances, and this LCR is a six yard gun. That's where my POA and POI matched, and I got roughly 4 inch groups. At 12 yards, where my LCR-357 does best, this 22 version shot four inches low. I may match up the 22 sights to the 357, haven't decided.

Cleanup was easy, except around the forcing cone. I tried to avoid taking finish off, but had to give up and brass brush it clean. The black finish lasted about two strokes. Birchwood-Casey Aluminum Black touched it up a dark gray, not black. Three tiny chips around the muzzle did the same.

The cylinder finish is very little tougher. A light brushing on the cylinder face left it kind of thin. I imagine another cleaning or two will have my cylinder face to bare stainless steel.

For what it is, and how it's made, I'm happy with this one. The original was serialed 3XXX, the replacement is 29XXX. I think in the course of 26k guns, they got it right. I think it would be better if Ruger used stainless frames on all the LCRs, not just the 357, but they don't.
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