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The flattop medium frame convertible suits me (now) for .357. Lipseys special run. I used to carry/shoot a 6 1/2" large frame back when I was a late teen and in my 20s as that was what was available.... Good guns -- even though overkill for the cartridge(s). I don't shoot 9mm as .357 does it all (reload to whatever power level I care to shoot). Enjoy! I sure enjoyed mine back when.

Here is the 'old' large frame... and a medium frame 50th Flattop.
Revolver Air gun Trigger Line Gun barrel

And my goto 5 1/2" barreled .357 flattop convertible that now goes with me when I get a hankering to shoot some .357 .
Wood Toy Revolver Hardwood Auto part
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