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Hello all,
I recently purchased something from Optics Planet and they included a little $10 coupon for I had never paid much attention to DVOR, but signed up to take advantage of the $10 off. It's actually a great site and I ended up with a CRKT Ignitor Assisted-Open Knife for around $30 shipped, which is roughly what it's going for on I've been looking for a decent assisted open knife to throw in my range bag and to carry in my car.

I got it in the mail today (a day early, surprisingly, considering they use UPS Innovations as their shipper) and I'm really pleased so far. The handle has a really nice texture that is not obtrusive or overly grippy, but it provides a good tactile feel that I can hold on to. All of the hardware including the screws and pocket clip are top-notch and everything feels really solid. Opened or closed, the knife doesn't rattle or creak and has a very solid appearance and feel overall.

It has a nice lock to prevent it from opening inadvertently. You just push down and out with your opening hand (right hand only, sorry lefties) and the knife snaps open with a very assuring and authoritative "click". The clip is very firm and sturdy and clips onto my pocket nicely.

Right out of the box, the knife is nice and sharp and well-oiled for use. The serrations are different than most and will most definitely come in handy for cutting twine, paracord, rope or zip-ties (which I use a lot of). I like the imprinting on the blade. It's subtle, clean and unobtrusive (as a graphic designer and photographer, I'm a big fan of CRKT's logo and branding so I don't mind it on my gear). The knife is not flashy or heavily branded and unless one looked closely, they would be hard-pressed to figure out you were using something made by CRKT.

Closing the knife requires that you disengage the blade lock. At about 90° you engage the spring and the blade has a fairly significant amount of tension on it. At about the 15° mark (both of these angles would be relative to the handle of the knife, with the knife blade at 180° when opened completely) the tension releases and the knife closes with a satisfying "snap". Using the knife one-handed is easy enough, although I found it easier to use my leg to help assist in closing.

This knife does not feel cheap or poorly made at all. I think my only quibble is that there appears to be some glue residue in the grip treads. Not something I'm worried about, but it's the attention to detail that makes things really nice and they missed the mark on this one slightly.

All-in-all, I'm definitely pleased with my $30 purchase. In my opinion, this knife falls in with knives well over its price point. Features, build quality and blade sharpness are all more than satisfactory and I'd be glad to own more of their products in the future, and plan to.

Overall rating: 9/10

I'm no product photographer (my background is in architecture and lifestyle photography), but I did my best on the photos below. Enjoy and let me know if I can answer any further questions.


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ive had some good luck with CRKT stuff. i carried an old M-16 as work knife for years and that knife really suprised the heck out of me. i beat the crap out of it LOL

i like it man, thats a nice looking knife and id have no problem giving one a try for $30.
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