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Just signed up. i just recently got my CCL and decided it was time to move to a friendlier and less conspicuous carry piece. Since i already own a S&W 686. i began reading this forum and decided that it was time for me to purchase a Ruger .Especially after reading about the dependability and accuracy in many posts on this forum.

You guys are great salesmen.

i picked up and handled many firearms , from Sigs, Glocks, M&P,XD, Kel-tec......The one that felt the best in hand and spoke out to me was the P345.
Just picked it up yesterday and spent the whole night pouring over the manual.

i have to admit after scanning a multitude of posts about the difficulty of fieldstripping the p345 vs the MP and my own unfamiliarity of an automatic versus the simplicity of a wheelgun i was a little intimidated.

Well i have to report. i sat down with the manual tonight and decided it was time to face my fears.

To my surprise i was very pleased at my first field stripping experience with this piece.
It only took me a few minutes (that was with a lot of re checking instructions and making sure i wasn't forcing any of the movements.)

i was quite pleased and i know i will improve with time and when i become more comfortable with the procedure.

My biggest concern was not bending the recoil spring when i was reassembling the camblock apparatus back into the slide. All went suprisingly smooth for a first time field strip from disassembly to re assembly.

Just wanted to thank you all for sharing your experience and guidance. Your posts gave me the confidence to follow through and face the P345 field stripping demon.:)

next week i'm heading out to the range and try it out i'll let you know how it goes. Ought to be a nice alternate to my .357.

Thanks Again


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Greetings mikenh,
Warmest of welcomes from Connecticut, hope you enjoy the fellowship here and are active in the forums,great people and great guns, and congratulations on that P345 I pray that it serves you well, and again, welcome,
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