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Hi all, I'm new to the forums. The only other gun forum I participate in is on Reddit - r/guns, but I do have a preference for my Rugers and I figured I'd fit in here. My Rugers: My work carry is an LCP in a Desantis Nemesis loaded with Hornady Critical Defense. When not working it's an SR9c in a Remora holster loaded with Speer Gold Dot short barrel. Carry with the 10 round mag, 17 rounder for nightstand duty. My favorite plinker is my Ruger 10/22, and I hope to add an SP101 in the near future. Look forward to learning (and contributing when I can) through these forums,

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Welcome from North Dakota
Welcome from the Republic of Texas...
Welcome from NZ.
Welcome from Louisiana.......
Welcome from Australia mate.
Glad to have you on board, nice folk here and lots of good info.
Welcome from Virginia. Enjoy the forum.
Welcome from North Carolina.
Welcome from central Kansas.
Welcome from the Central Coast of California.
Welcome to RF from Pa.
Welcome to the Forum from Georgia!

Glad you could join us, ENJOY!
howdy and welcome from middle Dixie.
welcome from nevada! enjoy the forum and your rugers!!
Welcome to the forum Alan
Thanks for the welcome everyone.
Welcome from the Texas Panhandle.
Welcome from Wonderful Wyoming.
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