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I've been trying to track down a new grip frame for my New Blackhawk Convertible, 1989 manufacture. After searching EVERYWHERE with no success, I contacted Ruger for a third time only to find out eventually that the old grip frame number XRN3-RED, has been changed to XR00300. There have also been parts number changes to a bunch of other frames, including the Vaquero and Super Blackhawk, which I believe are now XR00100 something or other.

If you're looking for any of these, check with Ruger to get the right numbers, but dont expect to get the part. The one I need is not in stock, no idea when it could be available, and I was told to check back in a week or so. When I looked at places like Bud's, their ads say check back in October or November, but I'm not sure that's accurate either.

The previous frame was made of aluminum, I dont know what the new frame is made from.
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