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New "Rock"

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I got a new rock today...
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When they come to get it back, can I have your guns? You can almost see the shells in the facets-how many carats would that baby be? Looking at it again-the shells are prettier...crisp.
Don't let your wife see that rock! She will be expecting one just like it for herself. (Mercy!)
Another great piece of work there Mr.Nettles. Thanks for sharing.
Nice pic! Wish I could afford a rock like that to give my lady friend... maybe then she'd agree to marry this old boy! :D

Anyway... I'm confused... where do ya load da ammo in this thing? Or does the rock fit on/in the hollowpoint??? ~scratches head in bewilderment~
Looks great! The detail is amazing in your work.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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