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Greetings from Ohio. I bought a SR9C (two-tone SS) last week, and three days later I was at the range. Only put 70 rounds through it, but I must say I love the feel of my first handgun. I will be preparing for my Conceal Carry in the weeks because this world is crazy and no one will be harming my wife or I.

Just wanted to say hello, and I'm sure I'll have some questions down the line.

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Welcome from the Republic of Texas...
Welcome from central Kansas.
Welcome to the forum
Welcome from SW Florida. Gald you found us - enjoy the forums!
Welcome from Wonderful Wyoming.
Welcome from California's High Desert and to the Forum.
Welcome to the forum from The Mountain State of West Virginia
Welcome from the Texas Panhandle.
Welcome to RF from Pa.
Welcome to the Forum from Georgia!

Congrats on your new Ruger

Glad you could join us, Enjoy!
Welcome from the Volunteer State.
Welcome to NE Indiana! Great choice on the Ruger!
Welcome from CT.
Welcome from the Central Coast of California.
Welcome from Australia mate.
Glad to have you on board, nice folk here and lots of good info.
Welcome from S. OK. Enjoy. It's a great place to hang out.
Welcome from the Heart of Texas.
Thanks all for the warm welcome. Been reading a lot of posts, some real good info here. I'll try to check posts before asking questions (a pet peeve of mine for forums- there's a search feature for a reason!).

Thanks again.
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