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so I had to get fixed sights can they be changed to adjustable night sights ? and what might I be spending to have this done?
Guessing you "had" to get a 3" SP101, you can have adjustable sights installed by a good gunsmith. "Good Gunsmiths" do not grow on trees, and if they charge $100-150/hr for their service, they are worth every dime. Figure 3 hrs + the sight.

Gunsmiths have shop overhead, they spend a lot of money on equipment, and after all is said and done, they also need to feed the family, and pay to keep the lights on when the sun goes down, and some even like heat in the winter.

So, you can get sights installed. On the other hand SP101's seem to shoot most loads to an acceptable point of impact at 15-25yds. With several loads. Pick a load that does what you want it to do, at the range you want it to shoot, and see if the cost for the flexibility of adjustable sights is worth your money.

I wanted to shoot everything from 110-180gr, from 25-50yds, so I jumped on the 4" with adjustable sights. Well worth the wait.
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