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:)I too just purchased an SR 22. It has a lot to live up to. I've had a MkII for twelve years and a Single Six for eight. Also my wife has a Bear Cat, so lots of nice Ruger rimfires around. The cartridge case is dated 9/12 so it's very recent manufacture. I've run around 140 rnds of Remington bulk through it with zero malfunctions, a mag of CCI Mini Mags with no issues but today I put a hundred rounds of Federal bulk and had quite a few failures to feed. Very nice shooing little gun. I've always liked the Walther P22's for looks and size but the early magazine issues and the zinc slide always kept me away. I did put in the O ring for a buffer and so far it works well. I'm pleased but will withhold recommending them until I get more rounds through it.
Okay ! Sorry, that just made me chuckle, got your point though. ;) I will go out on a limb and recomend them, bought mine may 2013, 4,500 rounds! FTF,FTF,FTE,FTC, uh yea, it shoots dirty filthy cheap 22 ammo, its bound to happen, ball park on missfires or extraction issues in 4,500 rounds ? 15-20, maybe, failure to chamber a round, (0), now for the kicker, this little tough guy has never been cleaned or field stripped, no o-ring buffer fix, or guide rod spring issues, i shoot it every day on my way to work and son abuses it and a 22/45 on sunday, 22/45 has roughly 8,000 rounds down the pipe and has only been feild stripped and cleaned four times, were going to shoot the SR till it stops to see just how long it will go with out a feild strip.
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