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So I wanted to replace an ageing, partly bent, yet still fully functional recoil spring assembly in my Ruger MK2. Bull barrel pistol. Being a discontinued item, this part is apparently hard to come by in its original form. So I opted for a volksquartsen replacement. The installation is where the problem started.

This thing went back together with no problems. Fit is excellent. Side by side comparisons are nearly identical. But when installed, I rack the slide, it binds on the back stroke. It mostly won't return to battery on its own without a bit of help. It only takes a slight nudge, but it typically, mostly will not return on its own. We're talking 9 out of 10.

Here's where it gets strange. Once I nudge it shut, it racks fine, till the trigger is pulled. Then the whole cycle starts again. It racks, and returns good, till I pull the trigger. Ten, twelve pulls, no problem. Pull the trigger though... I even tried the different springs that are supplied. Absolutely zero difference.

So when I put the original back in. The problem is totally gone. I alternated these springs a few times to make sure. So obviously I ended up leaving the original installed. So did I get a bad one? Would a different one be the answer? Surely someone has had this issue, or fully understands the workings enough to help figure this out. I even used a set of calipers to compare the two. They're identical in almost every way. The difference I've found seems insignificant.
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