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So I'm getting a conglomerate of parts together for my special ordered Ruger 10/22 (gotta wait 2 weeks for background check and for it to arrive) and today I decided to get an extended 25 bullet mag. I walked into a local gun-shop which seemed pretty friendly at first, I asked a few questions to familiarize myself, and lastly walked out with a Butler Creek Hot Slip.... BIG MISTAKE I KNOW... So I felt totally BURNED... I read some reviews and I guess I have a spare paper weight now Oh Well. Just sharing an experience and if anyone has some possible advice towards what kind of extended mag I should look into as a newbie, that would be greatly appreciated:D
I'm in agreement with the others that the Ruger BX-25 is probably the superior mag, but did you actually try out the Butler Creek mag first? Don't solely go by reviews alone. They often hype up the latest and greatest irrespective of their actual quality or usefulness.
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