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Good review. I looked at the Burris and Nikon offerings for the AR, but ended up buying a Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4x for my AR. The illuminated green Fire Dot reticle is great for low light shooting, and helps you pick up the center of the reticle even in bright light. Most illuminated scopes will allow you to still see the reticle even if batteries fail, and the Leupold has a motion sensor to turn off the scope if it hasn't been moved, and it will turn back on with the slightest movement. The SPR reticle has a circle around a small .3 mil dot, so it's possible to do precision long range work with it. I didn't like how the Burris reticle clutters the center of the scope field of view, can't remember if the Nikon I looked through was a thick dot or not. The Leupold also has larger turrets that could be accidentally moved, they should be locking like the more expensive tactical scopes. I am seriously considering putting a forward mounted scout scope on the Mini, if I don't go the Scout route, I might get another Mark AR for it. The 5.56mm is pretty flat shooting for the first 300 yards, but if you like to shoot past that, a ranging BDC type reticle sure is nice.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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