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Not a report persay ...

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I finally broke down and bought a collapsible wagon to haul my range stuff from my truck to the shooting bench. This idea was passed along to me by various members here.

It should do nicely ... 220# limit, which would be way more than I would ever take ...

Brown Couch Automotive tire Wood Rectangle
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I'm planning on using it Friday so we shall see if it was worth the money ...
It is worth every cent. I started using a Coleman model recently. Love'em.

Good luck - keep shooting.
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Here's my cart collection.
Coleman cart for Range time:
See the hard bottom panels folded on the side pouch; dusty white wheels.
Product Yellow Rolling Gas Bag

See fully extended, opened.
Wheel Tire Cart Rolling Bicycle accessory

Yellow Rectangle Tints and shades Bag Natural material

Gorilla cart for yard work:
Wheel Tire Rolling Gas Rectangle

See dump feature.
Automotive tire Wheel Rolling Camera accessory Gas

Unknown carry cart for unknown purposes:
Shopping cart Wheel Tire Cart Motor vehicle
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