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Not a Ruger this time

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Picked this up at the range tonight. (Taurus PT1911)

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Tom, Thats a nice lookin' gun and if it shoots worth a hoot, ya can't beat that with a stick!:)

I know alot of people look down their noses at Taurus, but as was mentioned they have a life time warranty on their stuff. So, at least they stand behind their product.

My Taurus is a PT-100, .40 S&W, stainless. The only problem I had was shooting cast lead bullet loads. Factory ammo worked fine. The problem was a rough feedramp. I cured the problem with my cast lead loads with a Dremel tool chucked with a stainless steel wire brush and polished the heck out of the feed ramp. Never had another problem and it eats everything I've fed it to this day.

Keep us posted on it. I might even spring for one. Have been considering a Springfield Champion (Colt Commander size) .45 as a CCW piece for when I get my permit.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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