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Not a Ruger this time

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Picked this up at the range tonight. (Taurus PT1911)

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Taurus is always better than a Berretta ! I have a buddy who works for the police department in the cage. He says the Taurus is a very well built gun. He says out of all of the weapons he fixes and tunes working at the police range, Glock and Taurus are the ones he has the least amount of problems with. I guess the Berretta's have a huge problem with breaking their retaining pins and launching the slide down range and planting it like a grave marker in the ground ! I will stay away from the Berretta's. I own way to many Glocks to mention and also own one a couple Taurus semi's. I love them and have never had a problem ounce with the Taurus's. Good buy !
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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