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Ok since we keep getting threads closed for drifting off subject, this thread has no subject, and has the freedom to talk about anything you want lets see if it works:D
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Had to clean up my motorcycle last night after getting rained on Saturday. All in all a pretty nice evening.
Going to ride with my son and daughter-in-law tonight. That is always a good time.
We have been having a frost here for the last 6 days. It's a little too early for me. LOL
I have to ask! What is an olallie berry? We don't have those here or in Indiana where I grew up.
I only like two kinds of and cold!
Some of us have to work between posts.

I just made my 333 post answering to Sightngirl's post! LOL
I retired once, thought I would try for twice.
I mentioned the 4 letter word. Sorry, but some of us still curse in the mornings. LOL
Wow, a guy takes a couple days off and there's no way to keep up. I had a hip replaced last Monday, so I will have a few weeks off to try and get up to speed. LOL
Thanks guys. I try to walk a couple times a day. Walked almost a quarter mile this morning. I am resting now, then to the barn for a little reloading therapy!
The owls and other birds of prey are really cool. We are lucky enough to see a bald eagle occasionally!
My wife makes fun of me when I say "lit in a tree". She had never heard that before.
She was from the city when we met. Different world from where I grew up and seven years younger. She has been a real treasure these last 23 years!
Pretty brisk here this morning. My morning walk was a little nipplish.
Is it still off topic to wish everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving? I don't care, I will do it anyway.
If you get to Missouri I don't have a range but we can shoot out the front door. Or the back door. LOL
You really have to watch how you put those words together!
He does have a lady friend now. Cut him a little slack. LOL
I can't believe it was over 24 hours between posts here!
It's Friday here (10:45am), have to work this afternoon, then off for three days. We are in the process of packing up to move house.
Hope your day is great also.
How come he can say the W word and not get in trouble? LOL
1 - 20 of 15252 Posts