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Ok since we keep getting threads closed for drifting off subject, this thread has no subject, and has the freedom to talk about anything you want lets see if it works:D
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Just ate a chicken biscuit from Chick-Fil-A. It was good.
:D would too if we had one in my area
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How about a sexual deviant that married obama(same sex of course) and a Nationally issued credit card with no limit for anyone that voted for BHO and changing the name of the country to Bamaville:eek:
How about we shove obama back in his closet and ship him back to Kenya.
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I think we have a real problem with correctness in this country we need to change PC to CT (correct terms) that would mean the new word for Liberal would now be two words Girly Man, and for those not yet adults it would be Mammas's boy;)
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Is it just me or are there others that would like to just say what they think or feel without worrying about hurting someone feelings or having to debate over it or being called a bigot or pregidest? why are we always so worried about pleasing others and pretenting to not think or say what we really want to, it's like we have no freedom of being who we really are if you understand what I'm trying to saying?
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Interesting not being policed to stay on subject so far no personal insults, no debates, wonder where this will lead?:)
Hey shootist, "Your Momma wears Army Boots"(that covers the insult):D,What do you have to say about that( that covers debate):D And I have the southern version of Alzhiemers but the medical term for that in Mississippi is "SUMTIMERS" Cuz Sumtimes I member and Sumtimes I don't. What were we talking about?:D:D:D
My mamma's to old to do that:D
My feet are cold...
You can have my mamma's army boots:)
Why is it so hard to make people happy but so easy to piss them off?
I think we should discuss terroist groups. Like those really creepy Gay Nazis for Christ people. What a bunch of nots
That would be a subject we don't have one cause subjects piss people off:D
Come on now your getting on a subject, no subects are aloud :)
Ok. "Super" is code for something......
That there is funny:D
beer. i think we were talking about beer.
Sure I'll take one, or two, or three:)
It's offical Romney's it after all this long dragged out ceremony crap.
If I make a post you might have to put it back in the minefield. :D
Don't make me have to close this thread, stop insulting others, stop that name calling:mad: sound familiar:D:D
A lot of whoee about nothing..... :rolleyes:
I know mate but they won't close us down for that;)
Be very very careful, as impersonating a moderator without benefit of the requisite training, government mandated certifications and joining the NAOCM (National Association of Cranky Moderators) can get you the dreaded DD :p :eek: ;)
It was a impersonation of what a poster said to me the other day, not a moderator, guess it could look that way from you side:eek:
Anyone seen the show "Hell on Wheels"?
That was a 6 part Western on Netfix right? it was good watch it a few weeks ago.
The forum staff isn't on the other "side". We're just members who enjoy the forum and who happen to be charged with the responsibility of keeping things moving in a positive direction :).
Your side of view or point of view is what I'm trying to say, since it was a private joke only those there at the time understand.
Is beer a subject:confused: Its 7:03P.M. and 110degrees here and fixing to rain, its gonna be real muggy;)O.K. I'm back sure I'll have a beer:cool:
I've been in your territory when it rains just out of Lake Havasu one day hot and sunny next thing you know raining and a foot of water on the highway then dry and sunny storm gone fast as it came.
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