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Ok since we keep getting threads closed for drifting off subject, this thread has no subject, and has the freedom to talk about anything you want lets see if it works:D
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Here you go 'A less polar pole': Arctic sea ice at record low - U.S. News I'm not concerned about the "why's" just the effect.
The effect is less money for Panama with a shipping lane over North America :D
Is it just me or are there others that would like to just say what they think or feel without worrying about hurting someone feelings or having to debate over it or being called a bigot or pregidest? why are we always so worried about pleasing others and pretenting to not think or say what we really want to, it's like we have no freedom of being who we really are if you understand what I'm trying to saying?
I've been called enough things to prove I'm not worried about it :)
They call it a "Railroad"....... :D
where you been hidin' fungun? please don't tell me you've turned into one of those lurker dudes?? ;)
At the risk of getting off topic, I've been extremely busy with work and family, while the governor of Cali is working hard to raise my taxes to fund more of his giveaways.
And I don't want to hear where you all are scratching yourselves right now,or later either. Ever. :D
So you don't want to hear it, does that mean you want pictures?
Can we please get this thread back off track?
Am I the only black dude on here?
No. But this place could use a lot more good folks like you.
So did the OP get the boot for taking this thread off topic?
It was a terminal case of ITPWWOITS (inability to play well with others in the sandbox)
LOL, terminal indeed
1 - 8 of 15252 Posts