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Ok since we keep getting threads closed for drifting off subject, this thread has no subject, and has the freedom to talk about anything you want lets see if it works:D
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The world is constantly changing. There is nothing man can do to change that. Continents have moved, poles have shifted, etc...
It HAS to be man's fault. Now if we could just raise taxes enough and invest in "green" technology, we can solve the problem. Or at least make me enough money through my shell companies so I don't care any more. :rolleyes:
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Why do people walk into a restaurant 5 minutes before closing time then take an hour to eat!? When I run to the grocery store right before close I dont run in the door then take 45 minutes to make my selections.
That's you, but I can guarantee you that there are a LOT of people who go into grocery stores just before closing and then take their time making their selections. :mad:
1 - 3 of 15252 Posts