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I had one just like it and sold it to very good friend a few years ago. I have and collected antique Damascus shotguns for quite awhile now. They are a specialty in and of themselves. I currently own 1 LC Damascus along with half dozen other Damascus antiques. Both Hammered and Hammerless models. Had another LC Damascus that I sold just recently as well. It was a high condition beaut. That said, the one you picture, if you plan on shooting it, would need to be examined by a competent and well versed in antique Damascus shotguns. Not many around anymore, if you need a reference for one let mo know. Most important is what condition is the bore and how tight is the lockup? That one would most likely date to 1880's and possibly earlier. You would also only want to shoot appropriate loaded BP pressure curve shells through it and most of those manufactures have dropped production by 90 to 95% of their original numbers due to Covid. RST is the main one and fortunately I stocked up quite a bit before Covid hit. That said you can load your own, though 2 1/2" shells are needed though can be modified from 2 3/4". The powder is where the rubber meets the road with these and scouring the related shotgun and reloading forums will glean the info you need. At the price you are in for it would make a very nice wall hanger at he very least. If the bores are good and the action is tight I personally would go in for 300 to 350, otherwise just stay where you are at. Good luck!
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