Items For Trade:

Like New, I warranty exchanged it, and if you want, I can throw in 3 mounts for it, it comes with 1, all pieces and original packaging. 2 charging cords and 2 preasure switches.

Value with 2 extra mounts and extra charge cable is around 250.00

Warranty on old one was ruled a defective laser light. It ran for about a year no issues. The light is fantastic, tough, will last, the laser works great, will hold zero through at least 2k 5.56 and more. The extra mounts have set screws to hold zero.

PS Unit has 33 9x19 +p loads and 60 .223 62 gr loads with it mounted. So it is not "brand new" but it is close.

I am looking for a good carbine gas length quad rail, split for standard D ring. Or adjustable .750 slim gas block. Or new .223/5.56/9x19 Ammunition.

prefer local. but for right deal will ship. pics may have the one I sent back for warranty, but this trade is for the like new unit!
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