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P series

I love the Ruger P Series pistols, the P89 os one heck of a work horse; I regret sellin' my P90, I still own the P89 though. I went to buy a P90, my FFL told me Ruger discountinued the P Series with the exception of the P95 and P345. I hate to say this , I'm not a big fan of polymer framed guns..jus' saddened the Heavy Metal is gone...
I'm not a big fan of polymer framed pistols either, but IMHO the unique material used by Ruger has a different feel--much more "rigid" and "solid". To the point that Ruger has proven that no steel inserts are needed for the slide. My P95 has a much more "substantial" feel than my Glock 19:D
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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