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This is strictly an ammo issue related to all semi-auto pistols. As you may know, a lot of powder and bullet residue blows back into the bowels of the gun. As such, it seems to find places in the gun where residue build up changes the way the gun works. In a P-gun, this is usually the trigger bar.

There are some things that will really help. First is to NOT lubricate the gun with anything that stays wet. Oils and grease will mix with powder residue and make a glue-like paste that will actually accelerate wear and gum up the action. I use Rem-Oil spray. It goes on wet but the bulk of it evaporates and leaves a dry film of Teflon.

Next is a gunsmithing solution that requires tearing the frame and slide down completely. Examine each part and dress all sharp edges, smooth all mating surfaces, and "form" parts where they don't rub where they aren't supposed to. This will help a lot, especially if you don't hose the gun down with oil or grease.

Last is the ammo. LSWCs are about the dirtiest bullets you can use. Their only advantage is scoring a target (they make nice round holes). Beyond that, they are no more accurate than round nose bullets and don't feed as well. Your powder selection can make a big difference too, especially if you are running light loads where powder doesn't get a good burn. I would try 6 grains of Unique under a 230gr LRN and see it it doesn't keep the action cleaner.
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